Stop n. 7

"Bobore branch"

At this point, the cave gets much wider, and if we lift our eyes, we can spot many cavities above us. This is because the system of inverted faults we had since we start walking on the cave, on this point meets a family of other inverted faults, with direction South-West North-East. These gives much more fractures between the faults where the karst process can take place, the reason behind the widening of the section. The dark holes on top of us are what we call “Paleo-caves”: These are amongst the first forming branches, even pre-dating the cave gallery we are seeing today. One of these branches is the so-called “Ramo Bobore”, characterized by a massive room with a ceiling of over 40 meters of height. The access is possible only climbing for a hundred meters the flowstone walls on the right side, but the view once there is worth the effort.