Stop n. 2b

"The pottery vase"

After a straight walk, we notice a turn to the left, we will soon see why. On the right wall, we can still notice the wave cut notches left by the flow of the river. On the wall to the left instead, another piece of recent history. In 1972, a sinkhole was discovered during a speleological exploration guided by the Domusnovas Speleo-club. The speleologist climbed the wall and, once on top of it, picked up a stone from the nearby deposit to verify the depth of the hole. He was astonished to realize that what he had in his hands was a Neolithic pottery vase. The discovery generated big excitements, being the first evidence of this kind, an intact vase found inside the cave and representing material culture. The Archaeology Professor Enrico Atzeni, who described it as a “one of a kind” in Sardinia, due to its typology, studied the object. Comparison to the Bell-beaker culture of the northern region of Emilia Romagna was at the time made. We know today that the vase predates the comparison, with is style associated to the San Ciriaco’s culture of over 6 thousand years ago. The find is kept in Domusnovas Town library.