Stop n.7a

"The trays"

On the right side, we see one of the most spectacular formation of the whole cave, divided in two at the middle by a rock blade. The process that created the rimstones we saw earlier on gives the formation.

This beautiful natural sculpture has been damaged through time, both by deposits coming from the river and by human stupidity. Unfortunately, for many years, the cave was open to everyone and not all of us have the same respect towards the beauties of nature

Another damage, still man-caused, can be seen on the edges breaks, mostly on those rimstones facing the North exit. It is clear that these damages do not allow the correct process of formation, as the rimstones cannot be filled by water and therefore build new layers of the rims, as the top edge is always kept dry. This phenomenon at some point will ruin the whole structure of the formation and a reconstruction may be needed.